Sullivan writes his own ending.

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Sullivan, one of the two pigs abandoned in a parking lot in July of this year, got to write his happy ending this weekend.

Sullivan met his new partner, Spice, this weekend with the help of our Charlotte coordinator, Andrea.  Spice has an interesting story of his own — he is the son of Kismet!  His mom contacted us when she adopted Kismet’s son, asking us to please make room for her, and even helped transport her up to NC!  Spice recently lost his long time friend, Quilt, to a serious cancer, and he was lonely, and needed a friend.

Spice’s mom, Brenda, asked for my recommendations, and I thought that Sully would be a good match!  He too was lonely from the loss of Ferdinand, and was young enough that they could be friends together for a long time.

As you can see from the pictures, the introduction was a great success.  (And Spice was very tired.)

His new family says:

I know I’m repeating myself but Spice is the happiest I’ve ever seen him.  He’s so content.  If he’s not eating, he’s sprawled out right next to Sully.  He loves Sully and is so happy for his company. […]  Spice is once again making those happy little percolating noises they make as they travel around their cage.
I slept in the den last night, just to make sure all was well.  I heard rumbling every now and then and it was coming from both pigs.  Sometimes Sully starts it and sometimes Spice does.  They’re so funny.  Jeez, I’m easily entertained.
I am thrilled with this match, can’t you tell?  My daughter (who turned 14 yesterday) didn’t want to go to school today as she didn’t want to leave Sully.  She has said over and over again how much she loves him and how beautiful she thinks he is.  A pig can’t ask for much more than that!
And so Sullivan, the little pig who survived a deadly summer’s heat but lost his brother, got to write his very own happy ending.  Thanks to Brenda and her wonderful family, he’ll never be alone or forgotten again.

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