Happy Homecoming Sinatra!

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Because of medical problems happening in the Raleigh pig commune, I have been grossly late in congratulating Sinatra on his new home, and his new parents, Diane and Mark.Chilling on the couch.

Sinatra found his forever home with extremely bunny savvy parents on August 9th. They were delighted to meet him, and he was thrilled with his new house and his special bunny room. He’s also got a new pal named Lester that they will be starting introductions with quite soon.

Already famous for his diva-power, Sinatra quickly had everyone wrapped around his little paws, by requiring “star treatment” in his placement of litterboxes. On the bright side, he is at least a friendly little diva bunny, and his mom says he loves getting groomed and petted, and just flops out anywhere for that to happen.

Despite his tiny size (only 2.5 lbs!) he has made fast friends with their kitties, and seems to enjoy making sure they know who’s boss.

He was a darling at our house, and much loved, so we were excited for such an doting family to fall in love with this snuggle bunny!

Sinatra’s story is one that should give every homeless animal hope. He was abandoned outside and found wandering by one of the vets that worked at the local shelter. There, he was so terrified of all the strange smells and noises that his shelter picture made him look ridiculously scary, with giant eyes, an oversized head, and an overall scary look. It was because of that that ACR&S took him. We felt like no one else would fall in love with such a bizarre looking rabbit.

Once he came into foster, he truly blossomed. Better pictures made him not as scary, and he proved himself to be such a cuddlebug and natural snuggler that he was irresistable. So he went from abandoned street bunny to pampered superstar with a family to call his own.

Thank you again Diane and Mark, we appreciate you opening your home and hearts to darling Sinatra!

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