Piglet’s SAGP month ends with over $200 in donations!

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I’ve announced a couple of times that Piglet was chosen as the August beneficiary of Sponsor A Guinea Pig. I’m happy to report that SAGP gathered well over $200 in donations! That means this month’s tooth trimming was completely covered!

Here are some updates and new pictures of our Piglet. As always, click the thumbnail for a larger image.

Piglet is always waiting for dinner in (or under) her cuddle cup when I get home. You can see she still has a smudge of breakfast on her nose!

SO HAPPY DINNER OM NOM NOM!! Finally eating alfalfa. I mix it with a little timothy/bluegrass to try to trick her but that usually just gets pushed to the back

Wait, is there more?

A very happy ending.

We cannot give enough thanks to SAGP and all of the people who donated through this innovative program. It makes a huge difference in Piglet’s life, as well as in the lives of the other animals we can help, now that the whole month’s budget isn’t already earmarked for Sanctuary vetcare.

Please visit SAGP in September to support a new piggy, BOOTS!

He is an absolutely adorable skinny pig who was rescued from a tragic hoarding situation. His lifetime care is guaranteed by private donations and the volunteers of CA rescue Orange County Cavy Haven. Boots has kidney disease, and is on daily medication. OCCH is 501(c)3 so donations to Boots are also tax deductable. You can also sign up for a recurring subscription donation, which lets you automatically donate to a new piggy each month!

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