Goodbye, Chubby

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I’ve been keeping quiet, hoping to avoid attracting Death’s attention again, but it didn’t work. On August 13 we lost Chubby.

Chubby was #12 of the Jacksonville 48 rescue. He was a lovely pig, gold and agouti, and his only idiosyncrasy was that one day he randomly tried to murder the cagemate he’d been living with for over a year.

After that, we never successfully bonded him to any other pigs – he would go into full-on attack mode so quickly after starting an intro. He ended up living in a divided cage, which seemed to suit him fine. He could bully and swagger at the pigs on both sides, without having to work himself up too much. He was also incredibly lazy – his favorite game was pulling ALL the hay out of his manger, digging a nest, and eating his way out.

On the evening of the 13th we found that he had a hard lump on his belly. It was either a bowel obstruction, or a distended bladder. On the way to the e-vet he produced several lovely poops so we figured it was a bladder stone.

It was actually several stones. He had a huge, 4-5mm stone in his urethra, developing proto-stones in both of his kidneys, and an enormous 2cm calcification buried inside the lining of his bladder. The vet felt that there was almost no chance he would survive an operation to remove it, and we opted to euthanize.

Chubby was a funny, bossy pig who made up for his murderous ways by being very people-oriented. He was one of the tamest pigs we had, always ready for a nose rub or a c-tablet treat.

We’ll miss you, little guy. Say hi to all the others for us.

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