Medical non-crises

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Last week was pretty rough coming on the heels of the three losses we’ve had so far. About a week ago today, Roo, our big white New Zealand rabbit, started showing signs of an upper respiratory infection (sneezing, snuffling, etc). We scheduled him to go to the vet on Thursday the 24th. Then, on the morning of Wednesday the 23rd, I found our 10 year old bun Rosemarie with a wet bottom, likely caused by stones or kidney failure. She ended up being squeezed in that morning as an emergency case.

I was really not looking forward to two more deaths. But in both cases, we got lucky. Rosemary didn’t have kidney failure, she didn’t even have stones – just bladder sludge. This is a condition where calcium and other minerals become trapped in the bladder, but can be passed with a little extra hydration. We had to give her a week of subcu fluids and she’s now on a more restricted set of veggies. Unfortunately, she also went into stasis for a day or two after her vet visit – she wasn’t eating, and not producing any poops. She had to be handfed for several days, which she does not tolerate well.

Roo also came out lucky. He was also found to be drooling, and tooth problems came on the table. Combined with the nasal issues, it could have meant a tooth root abscess, which requires invasive surgery on the rare chance it’s not fatal. He ended up with – nothing at all! His teeth were perfect, and the vet saw no signs of URI, although we are culturing his nasal discharge, but it had already started to dry up by the time the visit occurred. It’s possible that he just had a bit of hay or water up his nose and there was nothing wrong even to start. Both rabbits are doing fine at this point, with seemingly no lingering symptoms.

It’s nice to catch a lucky break once and a while.

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