Mia’s Happy Tail!

Posted in Adoptions at 7:43 am by Jenn

Congratulations to Mia Hamm and her new mom and dad, Carrie and Michael!

Mia Hamm got to go home for the holidays on July 4th. Carrie and Michael had just lost their special hamster buddy Freddie, and saw Mia on our Petfinder and were smitten! They quickly filled out an application, went through our approval process, and then excitedly waited to meet their new buddy.

According to Carrie, Mia has settled in very well! She already climbs out of her cage and into her new dad’s hands, and has consented to use their hamster ball! (Carrie and Michael must have magic powers, Mia looked at me like I was loony when I tried to let her use a hamster ball…) She has continued her wheel-based exercise regiment, and seems perfectly at home.

Mia originally came from a local shelter, abandoned with several other hamsters in their overnight box. Everybody else was adopted, but they left Mia behind! ACR&S took her in to allow them more room for small animals, and to socialize her more extensively (although she was already ridiculously friendly). We’re happy that she has found her new place where she can be spoiled and cuddled as she deserves!

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, we at ACR&S have a penchant for a good pun. Mia is named after real life soccer player, Mia Hamm. We have also had a rabbit named Paula Bunyan. It’s ok, groan away.

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  1. carrie said,

    July 18, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Awwwww!!! I just love that picture of Mia wrapped in that blue blanket!! She’s such a sweetie! We love her to pieces and she really does love that hamster ball! It’s amazing, she will actually crawl into it and start walking like it’s supposed to be moving before we’ve even put it on the floor yet! She’s definitely a “ham” lol 😉 Thanks again Jennifer! You really did a great job with her making sure she would be very socialized and friendly. We just love having Mia hang out with us!!