More pigs find homes!

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We’ve had another busy, amazing week at ACR&S!

This past Saturday (June 28th), baby Ruxpin (the runt and only boy of the litter pulled from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter) went to his forever home! We paired him up with Cindy’s lucky pig Maxwell. Maxwell was already a beloved family pet who was quite spoiled — he had his own 2×6 C&C cage, with a ton of toys, organic hay, and lots of yummy pellets!

On the couch.Unfortunately, Maxwell had already failed one introduction, quite badly, with a guinea pig from a different rescue. Since Maxwell was a teenager (the age where a pairing failure is most likely), we thought that a docile young baby may be the key.

It turns out we were right! Although Maxwell spent almost an hour rumblestrutting and showing how manly he was, Ruxpin was young and scared to be by himself, and decided that he would rather have a loud, somewhat pushy friend than no friend at all!

Once we saw the rumbling and posturing had slowed down, we left the boys on the couch with Cindy’s oldest daughter to supervise as we cleaned out the cage and scrubbed down all the accessories, and as you can see from the picture, they quickly squished in on top of each other for comfort and eventually fell asleep like that.

According to an email we received a couple of days later, Ruxpin and Maxwell will snooze together in a pigloo and are having a wonderful time together as best buddies! Ruxpin is also quickly calming down and becoming more confident now that he has an older brother to look out for him!

Then, on Monday the 30th, we were lucky enough to send home Niblet and Petal with Carrie and her family!

Their mom emailed me once they were settled in:

The girls are doing great. They stayed in the 2 x 2 kitchen the first night but this morning I helped them find and climb the ramp and now Petal/Pumpkin is running up and down with abandon. Niblet can definitely climb up but I haven’t confirmed that she will climb down yet so I moved her down when I added their fresh veggie bowl tonight. (both levels have water and hay)
Both girls are eating like pigs and drinking well. They have wonderful personalities. They are a little hard to catch (which I expected) but so sweet once you pick them up. They had a play time this afternoon on a fleece blanket on the kitchen floor (and loved playing in the 5 different ferritunnel tubes that Nick set up for them) and tonight they joined us on the couch for an episode of a kid’s show. They are great lap girls!!!
Thanks for the great girls. I will try to send pictures soon. Petal/Pumpkin is the bold one (like you said) but Niblet has been comfortable enough to move around on the kitchen floor and come out of the hiding areas in the cage so I think she’s adjusting well.
Congratulations to Petal and Niblet and their new family, it sounds like they’re loving their new C&C mansion! Guinea pigs do make great buddies to snuggle up with on the couch and watch a little TV!
As always, thank you to our wonderful adopters. We are truly lucky to have such a large group of caring individuals to offer homes to our guinea pigs, rabbits, and other small exotics!

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