Clementine finds her happy ending

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At ACR&S, we are in the business of trying to produce happy endings. I often think of it in context of a book that I read, where a group of fairy godmothers traveled around nudging events and people into place to make happy endings occur as they should (after all, what’s a hero who doesn’t have a quest to go on?). We spend a lot of time talking, educating, traveling, and emailing, all trying to nudge that happy ending into place.

It can be tremendously grating. The vast majority of our emails are people who want to surrender animals, or who want one of our animals, but have no interest in learning how to properly care for them. But, the payment for all of those people is an ending like this:

Clementine, the bald, seizing, screaming pig first mentioned here, went to her forever home this weekend.

When Clementine came into our house, feeling like a tiny burn victim, and so desperately ill, a request also came in from long time ACR&S friend Celia. One of her piggie pair (Jerry) had just passed, leaving his friend Ben alone. Ben and Jerry’s relationship had always been tumultuous, so she was having Ben neutered and looking for a girlfriend for him.

Ben and Clem

Living with Clementine and helping her every day, I promised her over and over again that if she would only get better, I would make sure she went to the best home ever. And so I responded to Celia, asking her to open her home and heart to this poor pig. She agreed, pending Ben’s approval (obviously), and so when she came into town to visit her daughter, we introduce Ben and a much healed Clementine.

I think the picture speaks for itself. Ben had been withdrawn since losing his buddy, who was his louder half. During the introduction, he squealed, wheeked, ran, and popcorned a bit.

And, even more amazingly, for the first time I’d ever heard her, Clementine sat and chuttered and chortled and popcorned, and seemed extremely happy. There was quite a bit of joyous and romantic chasing, but love was definitely in the air.

Clemmy’s new mom writes:

Yes, we made it home safely. The pigs rode in separate cages and everyone was very quiet. They made up for it when they finally entered their new ‘gated’ community. Clemmy inspected every spare inch, testing the walls and trying each pigloo to see which suited her best. She has made it clear that she likes the meals we serve! I put up the cage divider at bed time so everyone could get some rest and they settled down quickly, though Ben plastered himself against it so he could continue to breath in her beauty! This morning I came into a kitchen with the sound of two pigs wheeking- Clemmy for breakfast and Ben for Clemmy. They make beautiful piggie music together! It is so cute. He adores her and shrieks in protest when I remove her from the cage! She has been very good about medicine taking (except maybe for the final biting of the syringe!). She is keeping Ben fit, too. Honestly, he never used to run and now he runs everywhere! This is wonderful – every thing I had wished for and more! I can understand that you miss her because she is such a funny mix of assertive and cooperative at the same time. She has managed to set limits on Ben – sort of. He just can’t keep himself away from her! While she was checking out the second water bottle (she’d just drunk from the first, Ben approached for her attention. What else can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love, c., c. , & b.

It’s hard to believe, but with only a few short weeks of intensive care and love, Clementine went from a poor, ravaged looking creatures who didn’t seem like she should even be alive to a sweet and beautiful guinea pig who is funny and is not above giving a retaliatory nibble if she feels like you’re annoying her too much.

And so this is the gas the fuels the tank of rescue. This is what makes it worthwhile. It was one of those fuzzy moments that makes all the other anger, sadness, and horror worthwhile. So, to Clementine, congratulations on your new home, and your new husband. You deserve it.

If the wordless could speak, they would say, ” Bless you for caring enough to help us.”

Please quote me on that!

Thank you, as always, Celia, for your kind words. But ACR&S would be lost without our wonderful adopters, who make it possible for these little souls to live out their happy endings.

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