Again with the goodbyes…

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks. It sure seems like that happens a lot around here. We lost one Adopted, one in the Sanctuary, and one Adoptable.

We lost one our Sanctuary pigs, Strawberry, on May 15. Despite changes to her diet, she’d had two or three more episodes of bladder stones since her initial troubles in December, and this last time was too much. Her weight had steadily decreased, and the morning of the 15th she refused breakfast. We figured it was another stone and took her in, but the vet felt that she wasn’t likely to survive another surgery. He advised us to euthanize.

Baby StrawberryStrawberry was one of the first pigs born in the rescue. In 2003 we were working with another pig rescue in NC which was trying to close, and slowly transferring all its animals to us. We were asked to briefly hold a pregnant female, and the next morning she gave birth to two pups.

Elmer & StrawberryHer mother, aunt, father, and brother were all adopted within a few months, and a rather than keep her alone we put her with Elmer, a newly rescued neutered boar. It was love at first sight. They pursued one another around the cage, chirping loudly, till they settled into their pigloo to cuddle. After a year in the rescue with not a single adoption application, we decided to make these two our very first Sanctuary pigs.

Strawberry was very inbred, and this may have contributed to a number of the health problems she suffered over the years. She was a teddy breed, with coarse, curly hair, and as is common with this breed, needed frequent ear cleanings. She also developed two toenails which grew thickly and quickly, requiring frequent cutting. She was never a particularly friendly pig to humans, but she would eagerly beg for food, and she and Elmer always demonstrated a stronger bond than we normally see in rescue piggies.

JerryShortly after, we heard from one of our adopters that one of her adopted pigs had passed away in early May. Jerry was one of the Jacksonville 48, a group of pigs dumped by a breeder in summer 2005. Our dear friend Celia has adopted five of our oldest and most needy pigs over the last four years, and provides them with a great loving and caring home. Each in his time has passed over the Rainbow Bridge; like Strawberry, Jerry also died of bladder stones. The one bright note in this is that Celia is ready to adopt two more piggies to go with her last little boy Ben!

Poor MunstrumOn May 25, we had to euthanize an adoptable pig, Munstrum. He came to us with as an owner surrender of a 6 pig family that resulted from a petstore advising a female and male be purchased together. He came in with a severe mite problem which was manifested as open wounds and seizures. The day before his death, he had shown some baffling symptoms, but was still eating and drinking very well. We opted to give him another day to see where his symptoms would go. On the 25th, when examined, he was noticeably worse and in severe pain. He was rushed to the e-vet, and they recommended euthanasia as his heart rate was already extremely low and they believed he was already on his way out. Cause of death at time of death is unknown, necropsy results are pending.

On the other side of the coin, we pulled four pigs and a rabbit from the shelters in the last few weeks, and are waiting on three more pigs from various sources. So overall, I guess we’re up 5:3 over Death for the month, 3 matches pending…

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