Random Rescue Photos – All of the cute, none of the guilt

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Since I’ve become a rescuer, I’ve found it more and more difficult to look at cute photos of animals on the internet. I constantly find myself getting upset at the poor husbandry or the rampant backyard breeding, saying things like “That’s a horrible cage” or “Oh no, they’re feeding that bunny a seed mix” or “Why on God’s earth do you have fifteen litters of rabbits right now!?!?!” I feel guilty looking at cute animals when most of them are in need of rescue, and the end result of a search for happy pictures is a very sad rescuer.

So now, for your viewing pleasure, I offer you happy rescue animal pictures instead! Every one of the pictures that displays on this page is an animal which has been rescued by ACR&S or one of the rescues & shelters we support:

I'm a rescue!

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A random photo page is also located on the ACR&S website, here.

For more wonderful rescue photos, please check out the House Rabbit Society’s Random Rescue Rabbit Photo Page!

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