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First, congratulations to our very own Dr Jhondra Funk-Keenan, long time volunteer and foster parent – she has won the 2008 Oxbow Veterinary Medicine Scholarship! We are very proud that Oxbow has formally recognized Jhondra’s skills and commitment to exotic animal medicine.

So a few health updates:

Blimpie went to the vet Monday for eye damage. He got a big piece of hay stuck in there (possibly as long as 12 hours before I saw it) and he scratched his cornea. He’s on medicated eye cream and looks much better.

Brownie, who had a broken tooth a few weeks back, has grown the tooth back but the four incisors are not meeting adequately. He goes back to the vet for another trim Monday. His weight is still way up, fortunately.

The other toothless pig Piglet had to go back in to the vet this past Monday to have her teeth trimmed again too. She has unfortunately stopped eating as many veggies, although she can now devour an orange slice right down to the rind with just her bottom incisors! She still picks at her alfalfa hay, but has plateaued at about 630g, which is far lower than I am happy with.

It was only three weeks between her first and second tooth trims. We have to make the decision about whether to extract her teeth by the time she’s due for her next trim. I’m going to be posting this question to GL to see whether anyone over there has any thoughts.

Pudge has made a surprisingly complete recovery from his skin condition. We still never got a real diagnosis or any firm confirmation on what caused this (nor on how we fixed it). Here’s a photo progression:

February 16: no symptoms yet. We took him to the vet for the initial hair loss just about a week later.

Pudge, 2/16/08

March 25: he had been sick for about a month and had almost complete hair loss on his sides and hindquarters.

Pudge, 3/25/08

April 3: Most of the original bald spots are showing hair regrowth, but he still had that scaly exudate covering patches on his back, butt, and cheeks. As that was removed (via scrubbing and medicated shampoos), those patches went bald.

Pudge, 4/3/08

Pudge, 4/3/08

Pudge, 4/3/08

April 23: Almost complete recovery, with just small thin spots. He does still have some scaly areas on his left cheek which I am working on. No apparent recurrence in the areas which have already healed.

Pudge, 4/23/08

Pudge, 4/23/08

I’m really not satisfied with not knowing what caused this, because it makes me feel like I can’t prevent a recurrence. But, as the prophet says, you can’t always get what you want.

We also did a very brief introduction between Pudge and Piglet. Unfortunately it didn’t go all that great. Pudge was more interested in defending the veggies from her perceived advances. Dummy. We’re going to keep trying – maybe once he realizes he’ll still have plenty of food, he’ll stop chattering at her.

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