We laugh…

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… to keep from screaming. Sometimes a little off-color humor helps you make it through the rough patches.

Up in WI, the other day we found out that one of the local GL regulars just lost her last piggy. It was really sad; she’s a fantastic piggy mom and loved Blackberry like crazy. But she made a very generous donation of supplies to WIGPR, so Blackberry’s memory will live on with all the piggies her donation helps support.

Among the supplies was this thing:

Love my piggy

Part of me reeeeeeeally wants to keep it; the other part knows I do NOT need another dust collector in my house, especially one with crazy eyes that might come to life and start stalking me in the middle of the night. It’s going to have to go to the WIGPR with the rest of the stuff.

We’re taking in a sow from Char-Meck animal control this week. She’s obese, possibly ill, and has bumblefoot. But if we can get her healthy, she’ll be going to one of our great repeat adopters out in Asheville, which is about the best happy ending any piggy could ask for.

Apparently she’s so rotund that we might have to check her for pillbugs:


Pudgie had a near-death experience on Tuesday. He seemed to be feeling much worse – dragging his hind legs and not really willing to move for his treats. We took him to the vet once again, fully expecting the vet to recommend euthanasia. But the vet didn’t feel like Pudge was ready to give up. Instead, we’re trying two more treatments – a new pain medication in addition to his Metacam, and a different topical shampoo to try and directly relieve his skin discomfort. So he got to come home after all.

He’s not as eager to move around as he was a week ago, but he’s definitely still got attitude and appetite – he didn’t want to get up to get his orange, so instead he whined and bitched at us till we put it right in his cuddle cup with him:


Finally, a note on Spring in Wisconsin. It’s pretty nasty. There’s no green growth yet, so everything’s grey and brown. The melting snow reveals a lot of ugliness and unpleasantness: dirt and garbage (the street sweepers can’t operate on ice), months-old frozen deer carcasses, ruts in the grass where cars ran off the road during snowstorms.

Among the worst things I’ve seen revealed by the snowmelt:


Yes, that’s a pissing toddler Brent Favre and a horrified toddler GB cheerleader. Seriously, Wisconsin, WTF.

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