Photo Time!

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Ok, long overdue, two sets of photos today.

First we have pictures of the Sanctuary. Our house is a split level, so from the kitchen/dining area you go down a short set of stairs to an area which is pretty much one giant room.

The Pig Room at the Sanctuary

To the left is the Pig Room. In addition to a non-functional fireplace, a couple of couches, and an unused treadmill, it holds our 16 pigs who are housed in six C&C cages which we refer to as the Condos. Three cages are 3’x7′ (2.5 by 6 grids), divided with a pair on either side. Three are 2.3’x7′ (2 by 6 grids); two of them house a pair of boars and one houses a triple. We always try to give the intact boys a little more room. There’s enough floor space between the couch and the condos that we can spread out a big picnic blanket and give the pigs a 4’x8′ playpen.

I clean the top condos by standing on a step stool and having my lovely and talented assistant hand me clean bedding so I don’t have to climb up and down. I’m definitely getting a bit old for all the climbing; I think within the next 5 years we’re going to do away with the top levels. But for now it still feels far easier than in previous houses, where I was ducking a ceiling fan while cleaning. It only takes us about 40 minutes to clean all 6 condos.

The Hospital Cage

We actually only have 15 pigs living in the condo right now, since Pudge is sick. He’s in our hospital cage, which is a 2 by 2. It’s harder to catch a sick pig for daily medication in the condos.

The big buns

At the far left of the Pig Room is a pair of bunny cages. These are our Big Buns and they’re over here because we’re trying to bond Jeannie with BunBun & Roo to make a triple, and they get along better if they can’t see the other rabbits. Jeannie is in a 4 by 3 and Roo & BunBun are in a 3 by 6.

The Rabbit Room

The rest of the rabbits are over to the right in the Rabbit Room. In the front are Rosemarie and Dodger, who share a divided 3 by 6. We’ve been trying to bond them but it doesn’t seem to be going so well. All the bunnies have boxes which they like to climb on, and the partial lids on their pens are to prevent them from going visiting unsupervised.

Daisy’s cageBehind Dodger & Rosemarie are Daisy & Wordsworth. They’re in a 3 by 7, but since Daisy is an especially athletic jumper, we use 36″ dog x-pens for them instead of 28″ cube walls, which makes them lose about 1.5 sq ft on each end. So their pen is effectively 3.5’x6.5′ rather than 3.5’x7′. They don’t seem to mind, though.

One of the nicest features about this new house is that we have a dedicated half-bath right next to the Rabbit Room. We keep extra bowls and bottles in here, as well as medicines, grooming tools, and our scale and weight books (everypiggy gets weighed weekly).

Now for the Plush Pet Adoption Kits!

As I described earlier, we’re raising money and awareness through the sale of some really cute toy “adoption” kits. Each one has care and adoption information (targeted towards kids) along with a toy bunny. Here’s a video of some of the toy bunnies, from Lindsay, who has adopted and fostered for us, and who co-coordinates the SPCA Bunny program and the Raleigh Rabbit Meetup Group:

Now, all of these toy bunnies were donated from supporters. So they represent an, um, eclectic variety of stuffed rabbit toys.

There are some that are very cute. 3bun.jpg

There are some that are fairly ugly. jacketbun.jpg

There are some that are dignified. dignitybun.jpg

There are some that have no shame. yellowbun.jpg

There are some that seem to be missing an eye. bun2.jpg

There are some that seem to be missing ears. earlessbun.jpg

There are some that seem to be missing their entire face. eyelessbun.jpg

(Don’t worry, kids, none of these bunnies are really missing anything.)

There are some that are shaped like realistic bunnies. realistic.jpg

There are some that have no discernible shape at all. fuzzbun.jpg

And there are some who will EAT YOUR SOUL. souleaterbun.gif

The full set of photos can be found here, and you can see the individual kits on Petfinder.

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