Make Mine Chocolate – How You Can Help

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Make Mine Chocolate

ACR&S is proud to participate in the Make Mine Chocolate project for the fourth year running!

For those of you who don’t know about MMC:

Each year, unwanted, former Easter rabbits fill local rabbit rescues and humane societies. The goal of the “Make Mine Chocolate!™” campaign is to break the cycle of acquisition and relinquishment by educating the public about the responsibilities involved in keeping a companion rabbit before a rabbit is brought home.

For the third year in a row, ACR&S is participating through a special Plush Pet Adoption Program. We encourage kids and their parents to “adopt” a plush toy bunny instead of buying a live rabbit. Each Plush Pet comes with a “care guide” and “adoption contract” aimed at teaching kids how to care for their new pet, a photo and story about a real rescued rabbit, and lots of great information from the House Rabbit Society including a copy of the House Rabbit Coloring Book. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each kit goes to help the real live rabbits.

This year is extra special as the Plush Pet Adoption Program is being co-sponsored by the Wake County SPCA, located in Garner, NC, a partnership made possible by the organizational skills and grass-roots power of the good folks at the NC Triangle Area Rabbit Meetup group! The SPCA will be advertising the adoption kits for sale at their Adoption Center, with proceeds being split between the bunnies at the SPCA and those at ACR&S.

You can help participate in this program in one of two ways. First, make a donation to help us create more adoption kits! We need donations of new or gently loved plush toy bunnies, the more realistic the better (natural colors). We need cash donations to help pay for printing all of the kit paperwork – send us a check or donate via PayPal! Finally, we need new, unopened boxes of crayons (8 or 16 pack preferred) – and if you find a source for 10 or 15 cent packs, please let us know!

The second way you can help is to buy adoption kits for the children in your life! The kits will be available at the SPCA gift shop, and also available on-line through our Petfinder page.

Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to launch this program and support the Make Mine Chocolate movement!

Friday: Pictures of many of our current MMC Plush “Adoptables”. Coming Next Week: The role of special-needs animals in rescue.

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