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I post quite a bit of advice, hints, philosophy, and stories in other internet forums, and only recently realized that I’m constantly referring back to these posts. I decided I needed to centralize my commentary and experience in a format that I can easily link back to whenever I find myself repeating something I’ve already explained.

I’ve hesitated to do this because a) I’m a little busy doing animal stuff to spend time writing, and b) I worry that blogs are more than a bit self-indulgent (“pay attention to me, because my thoughts are just so damn interesting!”). It took a Christmas-time reunion with an old friend to remind me that I’ve been involved in animal rescue for quite some time: this January marks ACR&S’ four-year anniversary as an incorporated business, and the beginning of my tenth year of formal involvement in animal rescue. So maybe I do have a rationale for spouting off.

The title of the blog, suggested by my lovely and talented assistant DKMS, reflects that the goal of this blog is to show that every animal has a story, and to try to understand how we can help more of these animals find their happy endings. I’ve had a lot of great adoptions – obviously I sometimes get it right. I’ve also had my fair share of failures – so I definitely still have lots to learn. Maybe, by getting my ideas and practices down on paper, I can figure out what I’m doing right. Maybe, through discussion and comments, I’ll find new paths to tread. And maybe, some of what I write will help other rescues or pet owners get it right as well.

This blog will be updated on Tuesdays and Fridays. One post per week will be an original written piece: advice, hints, philosophy, and stories, as I said above. Some of these will have been cross-posted from other places, so Internet Detectives may be able to recognize and identify my alter-egos. The other weekly post will be a profile of one of our Adoptable Animals or Sanctuary Residents, or a memorial to one of those who have crossed the Bridge. I’m also happy to answer questions from readers, and would especially like to hear from other rescuers who have differing or similar philosophies on rescue and care. And if any of my long-lost adopters or foster homes stumble across this, please email me so I can post an update on how you and your pets are doing!

Tune in next time for a discussion of the theory and practice of adoption policies.

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